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True Collective is a growing syndicate of the most influential living tattoo artists, as well as their fans, collectors, and tattoo enthusiasts.

Why Does True Exist?

Each artist is fully committed to Web3, pushing the boundaries of their tattoo medium, and creating a thriving community in which everyone involved is able to find benefit and fulfillment.


What We Believe

True is here to join the journey, push the boundaries, challenge the status quo, and push the tattoo medium. As humans represent ourselves and our appearance IRL and new digital forms, True will be leading the pack and continuing the legacy and future of tattoo art.

True Pass

The True Pass is your key to the True Collective. Membership gets you access to the most exclusive tattoo community in the world, awesome benefits, early access to drops, IRL Events, and much, much more.

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At A Glance

A new digital collectable inspired by the Americana ideals of yesteryear and paying homage to classic American Traditional tattooing.

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True Artist Drops

Our Artists

Our artists are the heart of the tattoo industry. Every one of them works every day because they love the craft and they love the people they do it for. These are the true artists, pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo, taking the lead in the next evolution of tattoo artistry.